JC Math Crash Course (JUNE)

Stressed about the JC June Common Tests?

The June Common Tests is an important milestone for students taking A Level Math exams. For one thing, they are now only a few months away to the A Levels Math exams!

It is VERY important to have rock solid foundations as the stress levels will go SHOOTING UP. There will simply be too many things to learn and not enough time as you get closer and closer to the exams. Believe me, it will be here in no time! (Even if it seems like there’s a long way to go)

This holidays is the BEST time to revise the Year 1 topics, understanding what the syllabus requires and being able to APPLY it during exams!

My crash courses has been featured in the Straits Times!


JC Math Crash Course

This camp will be suitable for JC  students who:

  • scores between 35-65 marks for their tests
  • Wants to score and get A for A levels
  • Wants to start revising early and be prepared
  • Needs to revise the key Math concepts
  • Wants to learn the key words to apply during exams
  • Wants to know the mind maps and short cuts to use

If your child did well this year and is 100% confident of getting an A for the A Levels, great! There really is no need for them to attend my course.

If not, please do consider attending my course. It will benefit them greatly. I’ve carefully selected the key topics that are BOUND to come out for the A levels exams. If anything, your child should come just to learn these topics.

What your child will get during this Math crash course:


• 16 packed and solid hours of teaching

Concise notes that you will SURELY CANNOT GET ANYWHERE ELSE. Some of my previous students just rely on my notes, throwing away their textbooks!

• 4 carefully selected practice papers that contains questions most likely to be tested! Make sure your child does this before going exams…

150+ sample questions to make sure they are familiar with concepts

• Motivational stories to INSPIRE them!

Clear all doubts about any concepts they don’t understand

Ask any questions they have

• Learn all the tips my top students use to ace their exams


If you are still unsure, look at what my students are saying.


Location: Orchard Plaza

Dates: 5th, 7th, 12th & 14th June

Timing: 12pm – 4pm

Duration: 16 hours

Price is $280 per day.

Class size is capped at 10 students. Hurry sign up as there are only 4 seats left!

* Please note that 100% payment up front is required to confirm your seat. Payment details to follow.

Sign up now!