5 Tips To Get My Child Interested In Math

Making your child love math might be a challenge to you as a parent. Math is a skill that requires a lot of brain power to learn, and most kids see math as hard work. But the kids’ first teachers and the parents can help the child build a positive attitude towards math. It is believed that parents who explain to their child about numbers and spatial relationships by way of gestures and words tend to instill better math skills.

Since learning is enjoyed by kids when it is associated more with play, it is a good idea to get kids interested in math by teaching them in fun ways.  But parents often face the challenge of figuring out ways on how to create simple interactions and fun learning activities to get their child interested in math. Here are few tips on how to get your child interested in math.

1. Be A Very Good Example

Don’t be one of the many adults that say they hated math when they were in school. Most importantly make sure you don’t communicate such attitude to your child. Parents should help their children improve their attitudes toward mathematics by showing their love and confidence in mathematics.

Let your child see you completing routine tasks

Simple daily affairs like balancing your checkbook, counting money, or completing your tax return. Explain to your child the importance of mathematics in different professions including medicine, computer programming, architecture, fashion design, restaurant management and so on.

2. Help Your Child Use Math Everyday

As a parent, you should encourage your child to solve problems involving mathematics outside school work. For example, take your child along to the grocery store, ask him/her to figure out the price of five bottles of soft drinks. Also, while you are in the car, ask him or her to calculate how long it will take to travel a particular distance base on your speed. You can also ask your child to calculate the how long it will take to save up his or her allowance to buy a toy.

3. Familiarize Yourself With Learning Standards

In order to get your child interested in math, you should know what math skills your child should learn in his/her current academic level. You can ask your child’s teacher to outline the learning standards for you or you can get them from educational websites. Familiarizing yourself with your child’s learning standards will make it easier for you to complement your child’s mathematics skills with activities at home.

4. Monitor Your Child’s Math Homework

Help your child with his or her math homework. Let him/her try and solve the equations and then check the calculations and answers for errors. This method is very effective in getting your child interested in math. Also, make sure you get rid of distractions and set aside the same time every day for homework.

5. Play Math Games With Your Child At Home

Children love games and there are many games you and your child can play that involve math. From elementary years to college years, you can encourage your child to love math by playing games that involve math. The games include dominoes, chess, cribbage, Yahtzee, backgammon, and checkers.


When kids learn math in an enjoyable way, it helps them grow to associate math with fun, parental love and pleasure. The secret to successfully get your child interested in math is to make the learning so much fun that children don’t even feel they are doing any work. This manner of learning will make the kids excited about the subject throughout their school years.

On a last note, as a parent, don’t let your own struggles with math influence your child’s attitude towards math. Encourage them and emphasize the connection between real world activities and math concepts. Make your child understand that math will help him/her develop good problem-solving skills in any career of his/her choice.

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