Dear parents, I’m Daniel. Have you ever wondered why your child is not performing in Mathematics exams?

3 Reasons Why My Child Fails Maths

Let me give you 3 reasons why, and the first reason is: lack of motivation and energy. We know that students nowadays have lots of school activities and homework. By the time they end school, they are so tired they just want to rest.

Lack Discipline and Focus

The second reason is that they lack discipline and focus. They are not able to sit down for long hours and do their math problems. They are also very distracted because of their handphones and other activities.

Third reason is that the normal school homework, or daily practices, are way easier than the exam questions. So even though your child is doing them every day, they may not perform so well during exams. They usually underperform because they lack exposure to the challenging questions.

Having taught for 16 years, I have developed my own teaching method. I call it the “Student Empowered Learning System”, and my students learn Mathematics differently from the other students in school. You can see that all my students are standing at the whiteboard. They each have their whiteboard space, where they do every question themselves. Before they go to the whiteboard, I will give them the idea and a brief summary of the topic and objective. They are equipped with the knowledge, technique and skills necessary to work out all these problems.

I will go to each and every one of them to check on their work, spot their mistakes, and encourage them to move further. This method has worked well for my students. Many of them have improved within a short period of time, like 1 to 3 months.

I strongly believe in the way I teach and I’m Daniel, hope to see your child in my class soon. Thank you.

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