How To Choose A Secondary School For My Child

The best secondary school is one that contributes positively to your child’s academic success, general development, and wellbeing. Choosing the best secondary school for your child is very important because the school your child attends will play a crucial role on what your child will later become.

Knowing the factors to consider when choosing the best secondary school for your child is significant as the implications of choosing a wrong school for your child can be serious. What if your kid hangs out with a bad crowd? What if the school does not have the CCA he wants to pursue?

Do not worry, these simple but important tips would help you decide and also make you feel more confident in your decision.

Start Early

Most parents start looking for possible secondary schools for their child when the child is in Primary 6, but it would be better for you to start earlier. The earlier you start looking for a good secondary school for your child, the better. If you start searching early, you will have more time to do all the necessary research.

Make a Short List

Make a short list of the possible secondary schools for your child. For example, if your child wants to take up football as a CCA, make sure you list down the schools which are strong in football.

Similarly, if you want your child to attend a Catholic Secondary School, it is important for you to know the primary schools that feed into the Catholic secondary school as this can be a factor that will determine if your child would be accepted.

Ask Your Child What THEY Want

Parents always reserve the right to make the final decision, but it is often useful to ask your child what he/she want. Consider what your child want from a secondary school, does he/she want to attend the same school as their friends? Does he/she wants to attend a single-sex school?

Children usually have more motivation for study and also displays good behavior if they are happy with the choice of secondary school. But also remember that kids don’’t always know what is best for them, they may choose a school because their best friend is going there, regardless of whether it is the appropriate choice for them.

Ask Around For Feedback

Publications, school websites and orientation days are aimed at showing each school in the most positive light, but the story might be different on a day-to-day basis. Get feedback from friends and family about each school on your short list.

Also, try to get in contact with parents whose children have attended or are currently attending the school. You should ask the parents questions like, “How good is the school at communicating with parents?” “Is there anything you’’ve been disappointed with about the school and its management?”.

Consider Cost and Convenience

It is necessary for parents to consider cost and convenience when choosing a secondary school for their child. Life could be easier for you if your child attends a local secondary school and could simply walk there every day. The travel time would be much lesser compared to schools far away, and they would have more time for other activities.


Beyond those points mentioned above, factors such as school size and location are also important factors to consider, but they are said not to have a serious impact on overall outcomes such as how well students do in exams as a whole.

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