Finding it tough to get into the O Level Mindset?

It’s the end of the year, and you’ve just completed your final exams for Sec 3 recently, and are looking forward to a nice, long break before the start of Sec 4. Although you can certainly take a deserved break, it is impossible not to notice the rapidly looming O levels that will happen, in June for Mother Tongue, and October onwards for the rest of the subjects.

A key subject that many students fear and worry about is EMath.

EMath is often a problem for less than meticulous students, due to the large amount of opportunities for misconceptions and mistakes to crop up. In paper 1, there are 25 short answer questions, spanning a large range of topics taught in both sec 3 and sec 4. In paper 2, there will be 10 to 11 questions of varying marks and

To do well in EMath Paper 1, pace yourself accordingly, using your past practice papers as a gauge for how much time you spend on each question.

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