Step-By-Step Exam Preparation Guide For 100% Success

Examination periods have never been the best of times as preparations towards it can be super demanding for most students, hence succeeding require a great deal of effort, strategic and efficient study techniques.

A number students tend to flop in their examination for lack of requisite study skills needed to excel beautifully in their exams. At every level of education, these skills are a prerequisite for a success in your exams.

As stated earlier, exams can be extremely stressful, this is more when they are crucial to your career (of course every examination is). Fortunately, steps can be taken to prepare yourself in advance, so you can do not have to stress so much during your examinations. Below are a couple of tips which are designed to help you prepare for a crucial exam and boost your grades by over 30%. For more tips on exam preparation, you can read this from wikiHow.


  • Schedule and prepare ahead of time

This is probably one of the essential things you need to do to maximize your study time. Take some time to sit down and check your schedule. Mark all the deadlines on your calendar such as chores or activities that have to be done. Also, be sure to mark your exam on your calendar and set up a more rigorous study schedule weeks before your exam.

Look over your notes frequently, so you don’t have to cram a whole semester’s worth of information into your head at the last minute. This will help familiarize you with the terms and boost your confidence by being prepared for the exam ahead of time.


  • Draft and stick to a “To Do List”

Another important thing to have is a daily list of tasks that must be completed by the end of the day. Break down bigger chunks of activities such as different topics or chapters to cover on different days so that you dedicate enough time before moving on. Be sure to make the list realistic so that it can be achieved. Prioritize the essential task that you need to do so you can successfully achieve your goals for the day.


  • The beauty of note-taking

While preparing for exams, endeavor to keep your writing materials handy, and jot down every striking fact you come across. This helps you get and keep key points from a large volume of material.

Everybody has their own unique way of taking notes, so it’s advisable that you do this on your own, rather than borrow somebody else’s notes. Writing down your own notes helps you memorize the material being studied.


  • Use tools to review for your test

There are several tools which help ease the stress of study. A great example is a highlighter which can be used to earmark information relevant for your exams. This makes it easier to go through those particular points later, with less time and a greater possibility of grasping every detail.


  • Join a study group

It is important to get yourself a study group with other studious students in your class. This goes a very long way to reduce the boredom associated with studying alone. When you study in a group, you also enjoy the advantage sharing ideas and teamwork.  When you Study with your group and also study alone, you will enjoy the better of two different study modes, between which one must give you an exciting result.


  • Get Rid of Distractions and Relax

Getting rid of distractions is important if you want to have a productive study session. All too often chores, texts, emails, and instant messages distract us from the task at hand that makes us lose focus. You need to finish all chores so you can truly concentrate on your study. When you are able to focus and concentrate well, you will be able to absorb more and have a better chance of passing the exam.

A few days before the exam day, it’s a good idea to take a break from all the studying and exam preparation and go out with your friends, or play a video game in order to relax and relieve some of your stress. This will help clear your mind, so it’s not a jumbled mess when the morning of your exams arrives.


  • Eat and Sleep Properly

Be responsible and understand that your studies are your priorities. A student who goes out unnecessarily and parties all night is irresponsible. Try to eat well in other to maintain a state of good health which is needed to focus on your studies and the exam preparation before. Sleep helps your body relax, as well as clears your mind. Although it may seem tempting to pull an all-nighter the night before a big exam, you will be doing yourself a favor by getting a good night’s sleep. Getting yourself exhausted during the exam, prevents you from understanding exam questions, and hence providing accurate answers.


  • Embrace the Auto Suggestion Technique

Below is what a Dad And Daughter found success with.

A grade 6 student was having a hard time with her multiplication information and asked her dad to help. Her Dad brought in the technique of rehearsing, repetition and memorization which offered little success. There is a technique called “Auto Suggestion”. The theory states that the more the brain receives the same information; the sub-conscience mind picks it up like a magnet and keeps it. They then decided to record an audio file of the multiplication information, which they put on auto replays each time the little girl slept. About 3 days later, this young student recorded a shocking score of 96% in a 3 minutes oral interview. Hence, this demonstrates the effective use of this method for exam preparation.


In conclusion,

When preparing for an exam, it’s important that you make an effort to do well. Don’t slack off or be lazy. Success requires a large amount of hard work, discipline, and determination. If you really apply yourself and do your absolute best, then there is no need to worry about failure. Nobody enjoys taking exams, but they are designed for a purpose – to test your skill level. As long as you try your hardest, study, and take care of yourself so you’re in good physical and mental health, there shouldn’t be any trouble passing even the most difficult exams.

Did you know that studies show that what part of the day that you study at makes a difference in retaining the information?

With this in mind, it is strongly recommended that you follow every detail provided to the letter.

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