How To Choose A Math Tutor For Your Child

So, your child needs math tuition. They might need math tuition because they are failing their school’s internal maths exams, or just want a little extra foundational support and a helping hand before the big O level Maths exam comes in about half a year, which can be surprisingly fast. However, you might be having trouble figuring out how to choose a math tutor, as after all, there are so many out there.

So, how to choose a math tutor/math tuition center for your child?

Here are a few questions you probably do haveĀ  :

  • Is math tuition really necessary?
  • Should I choose a math tutor or a math tuition class?
  • Will my child be able to keep up with the lessons?
  • Will the tuition center’s class timings disrupt my child’s school lessons?
  • Is it affordable?
  • Are the classes too far away from home/my child’s school?

For more advice and questions you might have on choosing a math tutor or math tuition center, you can read this short piece by Acetutors, another local experienced Math tutor.

To answer your questions in order,

Is math tuition really necessary?

This is a question that our math tutors get asked really frequently by curious parents. The answer is “not strictly”. Tuition might not actually really be all that necessary, even if your child appears to be struggling with Maths. The question is : Are they struggling with other subjects as well?

If yes, the problem might be something your child is facing, be it at home or at school. Maybe they’re too busy with the CCAs to have enough time for studying, or maybe they have lost the motivation to study, for whatever reason. However, if your child is struggling especially hard with Maths, or just only Maths, it might be worth it to look deeper into math tuition, and subsequently how to choose a math tutor.

Should I choose a math tutor or a math tuition class?

This one is up to your child’s personal preference, educational needs and learning style.

If your child is the sort who gets on very well with his or her schoolmates, they may prefer a more interactive environment for them to learn in,especially if they feel that it helps motivate them to do better against their classmates. However, your child must be careful to make the most of their time there, not spend it all chatting with friends and ignoring the tuition class lesson.

However, if your child is the opposite and feels more comfortable doing a one to one session as it is quieter and they get more specialized attention, a math tutor just for them may be a better choice. Be warned, though. Prices for personal math tutors can be a good bit higher than tuition group classes. Still, it might be worth it, if your child really prefers or needs personal time and attention to their Math needs, or has trouble staying focused in a class.

Also, as a general guideline, if your child direly needs math tuition help, it might be wiser to choose a math tutor. If they are just looking to get that distinction, but are already doing well or some level of well, it might be wiser to opt for group Math tuition, to save some money.

Will my child be able to keep up with the lessons?

This one really depends on your child. If they really are failing very badly, you might want to prioritize much smaller (less than 7 or so) Math group classes or just choose a math tutor altogether. However, whichever you go with, the most important thing is that there is ample space and time for your child to absorb the information the tutor teaches, but yet be able to ask questions and receive a satisfactory explanation. Also, a willingness to go at the child’s pace and rehash earlier lessons is a big bonus, when looking at tuition centers or tutors.

Is the Maths tuition center/teacher affordable?

You might have your heart set on a teacher that fufills all of your above requirements,and that your child and you agrees just looks perfect. However, when you check their prices out, you’re met with a shock. Usually, you’d have to reluctantly move on to looking for someone less expensive. However, before you do, don’t be afraid to call the place/teacher up and ask if they offer a negotiable or dis countable rate, or even a payment plan if all else fails.

Although the tuition industry is a lucrative one, not all the tuition centers or teachers are just out looking to make a killing. First and foremost (this applies mostly to independent teachers), many of them are genuinely interested in helping students succeed in their Math exams, even if they are financially needy.

A good point to take note of is that if even if you don’t need a discounted rate or financial assistant, a tutor or tuition center who offers such would be a bonus, as they show that they are able to put the student’s financial situation at the forefront of their minds.

Are the classes too far away from home/ my child’s school?

You might be looking at a tutor/ tuition center that looks perfect, but is just too far away most days, leading to schedule conflicts. A good way to resolve this is to look for reputable tuition centers who have multiple branches set up throughout the country, with ones close by to your home. If you have some extra cash that you’re wiling to invest in your child’s education, it might even be worth it looking for a Math tutor who is willing to travel and come to your home to tutor your child personally.

This way,your child won’t be as tired out from all that travelling, and can put the travel time to better use by using it to study or revise for their next Math exam.

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