7 Ways To Develop A Positive Mindset Towards Academics


Simply put, positive mindset is the opposite of negative thinking. Positive mindset might take place in your mind, when you feel happy or when you have achieved something you have wanted to achieve for a while. It’s a little voice in your head (the one that’s reading these words), that can put us in a more positive frame of mind on a day-to-day basis as we go about our lives.

What’s a positive mindset?

Positive mindset is also one way a person can experience the feelings of positive emotions such as joy, happiness, excitement. It may also put a smile on our faces and a bounce in our step, and make us look forward to things more.

Positive Mindset can be more specifically described as the step up from having positive thoughts from time to time. A positive mindset is such that the majority of your thoughts are positive. Again for some people, the opposite may be true, but through proven steps, tools and practice, anyone can reprogram their mind to counteract negative thoughts and/or negative mindset.

Below, we have taken out the time to outline how students in Singapore and world over can develop a positive mindset towards their academic pursuit.

Below are 7 key ways to achieve academic positive mindset:


  • Enshrine Positive Thoughts in Your Heart

Positive mindset is powerful! You can succeed at school if you imbibe the spirit of handwork and positive attitude that allows educational excellence to thrive. Endeavor to expunge every habit of negative thinking. The first all-important approach towards this is to replace any negative attitudes you may have with positive ones. Master the art of always thinking about the positive aspects of what you have learned from a negative situation. Start by turning negative phrases into positive ones like:

  • Change “I can’t” to “I can, and I will”
  • Change “I can’t learn this” to “Can you explain that again?”
  • Do not say “I hate this class.” It is better to say “This class seems difficult, but I can learn and become more capable and knowledgeable.”
  • Never say “This is too much homework.” Rather say “The more I do my homework, the more knowledge I could gain.”
  • It is wrong to say, “This teacher assigns too much homework.” It is excellent to say “This teacher really wants us to learn how to succeed.”
  • Do not say, “I’m not smart enough to learn this.” It is better to say, “I can try and practice until I succeed.”


  • Understand that you are the best, so be proud of yourself

The fact has always remained that you are simply you, and no one else can be your awesome self. Consequently, you can build a positive mindset towards academics by always complimenting yourself about your past achievements no matter how little they may be to you. As a student, you are exposed to learning new material each day; hence it is vital to always compliment yourself on every little exploit throughout your academic program. When you do well on a homework or assignment, congratulate yourself on a job well done.


  • Share your Achievements with friends

Sharing your achievement with the same friends with whom you complain about school is a great way to develop a positive mindset towards academics. Most often our friends’ negative attitudes and frustrations may spur up a negative mindset in us. But by sharing your achievements, you help them see a better side of life. Tell your friends that having a negative mindset towards academics will not help their situation. Show how, and encourage them to develop a positive mindset towards academics. Let them know that developing a positive mindset towards academics will help their efforts open doors to success. Always base discussions on positive topics, and organize a study group to help course mates who are having academic challenges. Endeavor to make friends with people who can positively influence you and your environment.


  • Look before you leap: Thoughts before Action…

Often times, classmates tend to complain about academic works, the school authority etc. This may tense situations up and then instigate chaos. During such situations, do not fail to keep it cool and never jump to conclusions. Keep your emotions in check and try not to complain or join in violence, rather do your best to have an open discussion which will promote better learning atmosphere. Think before you act, always take a deep breath before you react to any situation.


  • Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

Treat others how you would like to be treated. Do not waste your time on negative relationships. Do your best to be kind to others, and also behave the exact way you want to see others behave. By doing this, you will make positive minded friends which will help you develop a positive mindset towards academics. You will also need these traits in your professional career.


  • Have a Grateful Heart

Showing gratitude helps you stay happy and positive about every aspect of life. Endeavor to be happy about anything and everything in your life no matter how difficult it might seem.  It can just be reading a book or playing with your kids. Numerous psychological studies suggest that gratitude can improve your attitude toward life, improve emotional and physical health and help you develop a positive mindset towards academics.


  • Stay connected with the world around you

Don’t disconnect yourself from the world around you.  Being addicted to your phone brings about isolation and negative mindset. If you spend the school day on your phone, you are not taking advantage of your education. Be prepared, present and attentive at school each day, as this will help you develop a positive mindset towards academics.



Positive mindset is not… about lying to yourself or being fake. It’s important to be realistic and truthful. Your mind will know if you aren’t being authentic.

We can start developing a positive mindset towards academics by noticing positive things that occur all day long in your learning environment, and this is called being “conscious”.
Being conscious is being aware of the thoughts you have, both positive and negative. It is also about noticing what’s going on around you and how you internally react to these things and then translate and digest them into being positive or negative.

So to develop a positive mindset towards academics, beginning with being conscious about all the goodness that education brings is important.

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