15 Reasons Why Students Hate Mathematics

Mathematics, which is commonly referred to as maths, is from the Greek word learning, study and knowledge. The major topics thought under mathematics include change, space, structure and quantity (numbers).

Mathematics is a very important subject as it is applicable in the everyday life of every individual. People including kids between the age of 13 to 18 and their parents have to regularly make calculations about how to carry out their everyday tasks. Mathematics starts from looking at the time and trying to predict how much time you need to finish what you are doing and get to other places you need to go to or things you need to do. Spending money also implies knowing how much to pay and how much balance to expect.

These are however the simplest instances as more complex mathematics are applied to virtually every aspect of our lives. Some students however hate mathematics due to these reasons discussed below.

Lack of stimulation

Students always love things that stimulate them, which are fun and exciting to do. A lot of students however do not feel the same way about mathematics as they see mathematics as boring and stressful. This makes them to avoid mathematics at every cost.

Student-teacher relationship

Teachers in charge of maths tuition sometimes have negative and strained relationship with their students. This could be as a result of the strict nature of the teacher or the student just hating the teacher for no reason. The hate of the teacher by the student is subsequently transferred to the subject he teaches.

Student self-expectation

Some students are pissed off with the fact that they have never really passed mathematics. Probably due to the fact that they barely pass maths while frequently failing it have made them conclude that they can’t excel in mathematics.

Drill overkill

One of the most boring things to do is doing the same thing over and over again. When this becomes the case in a maths class, where probably the teacher spend very long time, teaching the same topic, the student could become disinterested leading to dislike of the subject.

Social stigma and isolation

It is bad enough for a person to feel inadequate due to his inability to meet up with his/her peers in a particular activity including maths exams and tests. This is however worsened when such inadequacies are emphasized by the peers through mockery and jests. This could make such a student hate mathematics.

Incomplete instruction

When a teacher does not fully tell the students what he is supposed to know about a topic in mathematics, the student can begin to hate the subject. This is more so when the students finds himself in a condition where he needs to solve a maths problem but couldn’t because of incomplete instruction on how to solve the problem.

Sum anxiety

When a student attempts to solve a maths problem, but keeps getting it wrong. The student could get frustrated and end up hating the subject.

Curricular isolation

Students often desire to know the importance and practical application of everything they are being taught in school. When they cannot get to know the importance and practical application of a maths topic and they have to learn it all the same, they could start to hate mathematics as a result of that.

Obscure vocabulary

Mathematics even though it is often believed to be much different from English, has a lot of terms, whose meaning needs to be known. These many terms can sometimes be confusing. When students repeatedly try to learn these terms and they can’t, they start to hate the subject.

Teacher assumption

There are cases where mathematics students have complained that the reason they hate mathematics is due to the fact that the teacher did not give them a maths crash course. The teacher, on the other hand, taught them the subject as if they ought to have known it. Many of them conclude by saying that  if they already knew it, they wouldn’t need to be in the school in the first place.

First experience

Some individual first experience with mathematics was a disaster. Probably they disliked their first maths teacher, the first class led to a serious embarrassment on their part or they were flogged in the first maths class for failing to solve a maths problem. From that point, the seed of maths hatred was sown in their young heart and it never left.

Teacher competence

Some teachers, without mincing words, can be referred to as bad teachers. While some do not have adequate knowledge of the subject to be able to teach it, there are others who probably finished first class in the course, but lack the passion and ability to impart knowledge. When this type of teacher teaches some students maths, they could start to hate the subject.

Negative attitude of students

There are some students who have developed a negative attitude towards learning as a whole or towards mathematics as a subject. They are not interested in the course, see it as a burden and can thus never love the course.

Congested classes

English (for English speaking countries) and Mathematics classes are often one of the most congested classes in many schools due to the fact that they are compulsory for all students. The congestion with the resulting discomfort has made some students to develop hatred for the subject.

Lack of teaching materials

The lack of teaching materials for mathematics such as shapes, textbooks, abacus and other materials needed for learning mathematics have made some students to hate the subject.

Maths tuition in Singapore therefore plays a very important role in ensuring students do not hate mathematics. This further helps to prevent the attendant effect of the student failing the subject.

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