Recent reports have shown that having a mathematics tutor, especially for secondary school (Sec 3 and Sec 4 Math) helps the student improve by a grade. Sometimes when a student struggles with his school work, it is beneficial to approach an E or A Math tutor, depending on their needs.  As a parent, it is often not easy to tell if your child requires that extra support. Signs such as your child lagging behind in lessons, getting bad grades, feeling stressed out with their examinations and tests and other aspects of learning are all signs that your child needs the extra helping hand to guide them.

The benefits of having a math tutor are of the following:

1) Study at a comfortable pace

One of the reasons why your child suffers in school is because often the math teachers rush through the syllabus in order to finish it.  One of the biggest benefits of having a math tutor is that the students are mentored at a pace where they can understand and absorb information better.  They have more liberty of in learning things at their own discretion, and may even ask specific questions that are often neglected by school teachers

2) One to one attention

A classroom is usually packed with around 30 students. Sometimes, it is difficult for the school teachers to attend to every student who needs help.  With a mathematics tutor, rest assured your child will not face their troubles alone.  At Bright Maths, our tutors are available to answer questions that the students have, and most topics are revised over time to refresh learning.  The classes are also tailored at a comfortable numbers, and the tutors will get to know your child’s individual learning style and adapt the teachings to suit them.

3) New learning experiences

The schools usually have stringent curriculum to follow. Teachers often teach what is provided in the syllabus, and nothing beyond that.  At Bright Maths, we often encourage students to learn in a more efficient way, different tricks to solve certain problems, and different methods to understand concepts and formulae better. This imparts better time management and organization skills to the students, all these attributes that will be useful for their everyday life.

4) A close- knit family

Does your child feel lonely in school? Are they worried that nobody understands their problems?  At Bright Maths, everyone is like family. Everyone can share their stories and we listen to every student’s troubles, even if they are not academic related. Our coordinator, Joel even offers good advice to help students overcome their hurdles.  Sometimes the best way to learn is to solve all problems at heart’s content. That way, the student can focus much better.

5) The sky is the limit on what you can achieve

Schools do not usually emphasize to students that creating goals and achieving objective is important. With the entire hectic schedule, school personnel do often overlook talents.  At Bright Maths, we appreciate each and every student, and help them realize their potential.  Setting goals for your child is our priority, and we will help achieve them together!