Since 2016, it has been announced by the Ministry of Education, that there will be alterations to the mathematics syllabus for primary school students. Those enrolled as of 2013 would have been affected, that means students from primary 4 onwards should experience a slight change to the contents they learn.

Ministry of Education always reviews the syllabus every 5-6 years to maintain the relevance and quality of education for Singapore students. The recent changes are that the students will now face more questions that are similar to real life scenarios. Students will face more practical questions, and the teachers will be using more day-to-day realistic scenarios as examples to teach the students.

The focus has changed in recent times, and education is evolving. What used to be conceptual learning in the past seems irrelevant if the student do not know the application behind the skills they learn. The new changes help to promote competency. That is also the reason why the model of Singapore education system is sought after by western countries.

Students are also tasked with solving questions with the use of technology. There will be interactive online games to help students understand multiplications and divisions, and learn to structure mathematical models.

Some of the changes to the syllabus include the following:

  • Primary 3 students are required to understand and construct parallel and perpendicular lines
  • Primary 4 students will learn grid drawings, and shape orientations. Tessellations are removed from the course.
  • Primary 5 students will learn multiplications of fractions to the whole numbers. Divisions of fractions will be taken out of the syllabus. 3D drawings will be introduced.

There are also changes to the mathematics papers. PSLE mathematics paper 1 will have more short answer questions, with PSLE mathematics paper 2 reducing the number of structural questions. Mathematics answers are also required to be standardized to the requirements of MOE.

As a parent, keeping up with all these changes may be an arduous task. Situations like helping your child to cope with the time management with the changes made to the exam papers, or what topics to emphasize more on, or even to teach your child to use certain software required by the school, are all top priority worries for every parent.

At Bright-Maths, our purpose is to help your child to better prepare for this new change. Since the news broke out in 2016, our personnel have been briefed, and have proactively restructured our lessons to the expectations of MOE. Our students have been taught on proper representations for the answers, from rates and percentages, to even units. We have tutors coming up with new short answer questions with various difficulties, to better help our students learn and tackle them. Our tutors have also put in emphasis on resolving other miscellaneous issues faced by the students, such as time management or inability to adapt to the changes of syllabus, etc.

Bright-Maths is ready for this new challenge. Let us work together and help your child ace PSLE.