Concerned parents all have the similar thoughts. “We need a good tutor for our child, or this will not help them to improve their grades.” Evidently, most students in Singapore, has in one way or another, been coached by a tuition teacher at some point in time in their lives. Research shows that Singapore spends around $1 billion a year on tuition. Varieties of math tuition centre have been available island-wide, from student tutor, to peer tutoring; from class tuition to even 1-to-1 tuition. Each variety has different effectiveness in helping your child attain academic goals. So how do you know if you have decided on the suitable design?

Researchers found out that students learn better when they can discuss their thoughts together. Not exclusive to the best method that your child can cope. Perhaps your child does it best in a 1-1 scenario, however trying out mathematics tuition with a class size from (5-8 students) in total is a good starting reference.  The number of students is manageable, each student gets sufficient time and attention for them to clarify and ask questions, especially pertaining to those schoolwork that they are struggling to cope with. At Bright Math, we tailor our math classes at that recommended size. Sometimes we would even schedule a 1-to-1 help for your child if there are indications that your child requires such help.

The next important consideration is to choose the tutors with great number of mentoring experience. Learn more about the tutors; understand their dedication and their expertise in the subject.  For instance, our tutors at Bright Math are carefully selected. Each of them is accredited, with great background in qualifications. They are fully aware of the syllabus and will drill students towards acing the exams.

Another factor is to have background knowledge of the tuition centre’s materials that are offered. A dedicated tuition centre will always offer quality notes and assignments best tailored to challenge your child to be a better student.  At Bright-Math, our tutors often prepare summary notes to best help your child remember mathematical rules and formulae. The math learning materials are broken down to different topics to disseminate proper concepts to your child. This can help them to understand better.

Lastly, it is crucial to look at the track record of the tuition centre. When your child enters into their first primary school, as a parent, you would rummage through selection booklet; even go through great lengths to ensure the child enters into the primary school with a great environment, with caring teachers and quality learning experience.  Selecting a quality Math tuition centre is no different. At Bright-Math, we always provide information of our progress.  The improvement in results of our students is the best credentials for your perusal. This is the indication of our ability to teach your child best and guide them to good grades. We are certain to bring the best out of your child!