How To Be A Genius At Mathematics

There are quite a number of reasons why children fail woefully in mathematics. Some children really dislike it from the core of their heart, some start trembling, some also get nightmares due to it. Some even become confused when they come across a standard mathematical problem.

But there are many students who have passion for mathematics and gladly love to play with the sums. They use mathematics reasonably and wisely in their daily life. Whether we like it or not, maths is used in our day to day activities.

However, maths is used in banking, cooking, shopping, baking, and paying bills. Mathematics is an important part of life and it is quite imperative that children be taught mathematics so that they can adequately support themselves in all aspects of life.

A vast number of kids and students outshine in highly creative subjects such as English and Art, while many others struggle in mathematics. While mathematics can be a daunting subject, it is a necessity and a requisite that must be learned irrespective of one’s career goals.

Mathematics is a school subject that students typically struggle with. When they fall behind it can somewhat be devastating to their academic lives and may ultimately result in them having to take holiday classes. Luckily, there are quite a number of tips and methods parents and teachers can use to equally help a child get caught up in his/her grade level in mathematics.

By learning these strategies, you can take the essential steps to help your child enhance his/her math skills, catch up with his peers and also excel in his/her exams. Here are the tips below…

Utilize Every Opportunity

This is the main crux of the matter. Many children waste a lot of time on unimportant things. When it’s unplanned playing and exploring, this is normal, but when it’s indeed wasted by engaging TV and computer and video games then there is very little upside. This time can be efficiently used by the child to solve math problems and improve his math skills. With this, he will develop a huge interest in mathematics.

Hire A Tutor

Employing a tutor for your child is a great way to help him get caught up in math pretty fast.

There are several sources for getting excellent math tutors. There are many tutoring services that are independent of your child’s school. Enroll your child to an established tuition center where these programs work one-on-one with kids to adequately help them get caught up in mathematics.

Time Management

You can adjust your child’s mathematics lessons according to a good schedule that you are comfortable with. When your child feel very comfortable with the time and place of learning, he will also be more interested to learn new things about maths. At the same time, your child can have online lessons after class, on weekends, or anytime he ultimately is comfortable with. Your child can be a genius!

Value Mistakes

Mistakes are inevitable. No one has ever learned something priceless and valuable without making mistakes. Surely, mistakes are going to happen, and they are really part of the process of learning. Motivate and encourage your children to view their mistakes as one of the various steps toward mastery.

Study Books

There are many essential study books out there that can help you child get caught up in mathematics by teaching better study habits. These books equip students with great study strategies and also teach them to improve their time management, test-taking and organization skills. The book also teaches several mathematics skills through a workbook. Ultimately, these books boast a system that has been proven and confirmed to help motivate kids and enhance their mathematics skills.

Encourage Perseverance

Students often need steady practice in hard work. Model the steps it might take to perfect a skill or concept by taking them through it and highlighting the work itself as valuable over the final result of mastery. Besides, the skill does not come without all of the instruction and practice that gets you there. Persistence and perseverance is also one of the common factors to be a genius in mathematics.


If you have tried to really get involved with your child’s math performance, but still find that they are struggling, it might be the perfect time to consider a math tutor.

You might just be very surprised at how cheap and affordable mathematics tutoring is (for PSLE mathematics tuition in Singapore), and you may be even more amazed at the great and outstanding results your child will be able to achieve in a short time.

Absolute support and appropriate teaching methods can help any of your children preparing for O-level or A-level to be a math genius. So, be very patient and use these great tips to see how child starts loving and enjoying mathematics.

Lastly, there are a wide range of opportunities in everyday life to cordially ask your kids to creatively think in a problem-solving way and the more variety you bring into it the better.